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The conspiracy that Trumps them all?

Well, Melania Trump certainly stepped in it.  Opening her mouth publicly for the first time and having a plagiarized speech pop out was not what Republicans had planned for their potential First Lady.  However, the video of her damning words from the convention pulpit has repeated over every TV network, making history despite the Trump response.

First came denial: No, Melania wrote it herself “with as little help as possible.”

Then came the justifications: Yes, standard phrases and words were similar but only in 7% of the speech.  Hillary Clinton’s behind this.

And finally, a story was hatched:  Staff writer Meredith McIver, who authored two Trump books, used Michele Obama’s speech for inspiration and forgot to change the final copy.

End of story.

But wait.  The media always compares a candidate’s wife with those who have gone before.  So what writer with any experience – let alone common sense – would risk using a speech from the current First Lady?

And even more ludicrous?  Trump’s response:  The writer made a mistake.  I forgive her.

Really?  The man who attacks anyone who disagrees with him and made his TV career firing people is not that forgiving.  Cocky? Yes.  Entitled?  Absolutely.  Eco-maniacal?  Most definitely.  A pathological liar with sociopathic tendencies characterized by a lack of regard for moral or legal standards?  You bet.

But forgiving?  Nuh-uh.

However, his lack of political experience does make him vulnerable to sabotage.  At this point, the conspiracy theorist in me would note in neon highlighter yellow that the section of Obama’s speech that was stolen focused on truth, hard work, keeping promises and respect.  Should this literary theft ever become public, it would shine a veritable spotlight on the Trump campaign’s greatest flaws.  Which it did.

Where is the truth in plagiarism?  Melania didn’t work hard.  She copied.  And Donald doesn’t tell the truth, keep promises, or treat others with respect.

Furthermore, according to Trump, the Obamas are what is wrong with America and Barack, in particular, is a secret Muslim (read: terrorist).  And yet Mrs. T. used Michele’s speech?

I’d love to think that there’s a white hat actively working inside the Trump campaign to take him down.  That this was a carefully orchestrated attack from within.

But Melania is more than capable of making such a mistake on her own.  First, no one would question her wishes regarding her own speech lest they incur the wrath of the orange pylon she married.  Second, she likely wouldn’t have the awareness of the cavernous depth of her error.

And third, while Trump would fire anyone else, he’s stuck with this wife – for now.  Enter the scapegoat.  And who better to trust to take the fall than a friend of 20 years who owes her writing career to the Trump legacy?

This story was a sloppy attempt at damage control.  And further proof that the Trumps have no business in the Oval Office.

But I’m sure Trump has already built a copy of it in his living room.