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The Nature of Things

Canada's longest running documentary series, the award-winning The Nature of Things has earned its reputation as a show that cuts through the hype to bring viewers the latest stories and varied and unique perspectives from the frontiers of science and the environment.

Saturday July 26 th @ 7:00 PM - Myth or Science 2: The Quest for Perfection
Dr. Jennifer Gardy is back. But this time, Dr. Gardy’s journey of scientific discovery will plumb our very hopes and dreams – our quest for self-improvement. Are raw vegetables really better for you? Can you be fat and fit? Should you ditch caffeine? Dr. Gardy puts her own body on the line in lively experiments and scientific investigations to discover whether many popular health claims are science fact or science fiction.

Thursday July 31 st @ 8:00 PM - Meet the Coywolf
There's a new hybrid species in town -- part wolf, part coyote. Meet your new neighbour!

Saturday August 2 nd @ 7:00 PM - Where Am I?
Where Am I? is a new documentary about the skills we use to find our way around. Whether you are an Inuit hunter, a foraging insect, or just someone out for a stroll, your brain is performing one of its most fundamental services – it’s navigating. Why are some of us good at finding our way, while others are not?
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