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Doc Zone

A documentary series where the country's top doc makers explore and expand on the major issues of our time. Leading journalists, cinematographers and editors work to provide provocative, informative and more often than not, stunningly beautiful programs that address the issues Canadians care about.

Sunday August 3 rd @ 8:00 PM - The Great War (pt 1)
Descendants of WWI go back to the battlefields and re-live the experiences that shaped generations and forged a nation.

Monday August 4 th @ 2:00 AM - Cat Crazed (R)
Celebrate our love affair with cats and develop a new relationship with our most popular pet - one where all cats are loved and none are abandoned.

Thursday August 7 th @ 9:00 PM - Mission Asteroid
The asteroid threat is real. So are the heroes that can stop it.
Big Box - Easier Ways