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Fifth Estate

On the air since 1975, this award-winning, investigative series has become a weekly ritual for many Canadians, offering compelling, in-depth stories that take the viewer beyond everyday news into the realm of high-quality, original journalism. Led by journalists Linden MacIntyre, Bob McKeown, Gillian Findlay, and Mark Kelley.

Saturday July 26 th @ 2:00 PM - Ep 39-14 Rabbi of the Pure Hearts:Inside Lev Tahor
Gillian Findlay gets inside the ultra-orthodox Jewish community of Lev Tahor, now facing allegations of child abuse, and uncovers troubling facts about the past of its leader, Rabbi Shlomo Helbrans.

Saturday August 2 nd @ 2:00 PM - Ep 39-16 Return to Paradise
When two Canadian sisters turned up dead in a Thailand hotel in 2012, local authorities suggested everything from drugs to food poisoning. But, an updated investigation by "the fifth estate" points to new evidence that a highly toxic pesticide used in holiday hotels in Asia to control bedbugs may have caused their deaths. Mark Kelly reports on the risk to tourists.
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