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MK/SB/Pays Plat Cultural Week
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CBC Movie

Saturday July 26 th @ 9:00 PM - Take This Waltz
A young woman's married life is shattered when she falls for an artist who lives across the street.

Sunday July 27 th @ 5:00 PM - Beethoven
The adventure begins when a drooling St. Bernard named Beethoven enters the lives of the Newton family, unfortunately an evil veterinarian has experimental ideas for the dog. (1992)

Sunday July 27 th @ 11:30 PM - The Trotsky
A teenager believes he is the reincarnation of Russian revolutionary Leon Trotsky and is determined to lead his school into revolution. Starring Jay Baruchel, Colm Feore, Emily Hampshire and Liane Balaban.

Saturday August 2 nd @ 9:00 PM - Edwin Boyd: Citizen Gangster
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