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Corner Gas

Welcome to Dog River where the folks are friendly, albeit a little bit different.

Saturday June 3 rd @ 6:00 AM - Bed and Brake Fast
Oscar has a new get-rich-quick plan that might actually work... until Emma finds out about it. Davis borrows Brent's car, but won't say why he needs it.

Saturday June 3 rd @ 6:30 AM - Final Countdown
In the final 30 minutes before Brent turns 40, Wanda tries to pull off a fireworks display for the occasion that goes terribly wrong. Lacey and Emma disagree over just who should be baking Brent's birthday cake.

Saturday June 3 rd @ 7:00 AM - Full Load
Brent puts his own reputation into question by making Lacey participate in an eating contest; Oscar takes advantage of Emma's new mp3 player; Hank and Wanda end up in a battle due to Karen's auctioneering skills.

Saturday June 3 rd @ 7:30 AM - Bend It Like Brent
The parents of the players aren't happy when Corner Gas and The Ruby sponsor Davis's soccer team; eerie circumstances force Karen out of Police Cruiser #1, causing her to look elsewhere for transportation; Wanda's past comes back to haunt her.