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Corner Gas

Welcome to Dog River where the folks are friendly, albeit a little bit different.

Saturday March 25 th @ 6:00 AM - Potato Bowl
Wanda has a terrible, terrible accident... she breaks Emma's famous Potato Bowl, and has to replace it or suffer Emma's wrath.

Saturday March 25 th @ 6:30 AM - Seeing Things
After breaking his glasses and then suffering through endless taunting by Wanda, Brent bites the bullet and tries out laser eye surgery.

Saturday March 25 th @ 7:00 AM - Happy Campers
Things get complicated when Emma forces Oscar and Brent to take Davis along with them on their annual camping trip.

Saturday March 25 th @ 7:30 AM - Gopher It
Hank has another great idea on how Dog River can increase its tourism, and this one actually works, but has far-reaching consequences.

Saturday April 1 st @ 6:00 AM - Dress For Success
Wanda wears a skirt to work and notices that Brent is acting differently; but is it the clothes, or something else?

Saturday April 1 st @ 6:30 AM - Key to the Future
Hank confides his possibly psychic dreams to Wanda, who is a little skeptical. But when his dreams involve her, Wanda becomes a believer.

Saturday April 1 st @ 7:00 AM - Dog River Vice
Brent's coffee habit is proving too much for him, so he makes a deal with Emma: he'll quit coffee if she'll quit knitting. Which means Emma needs a new hobby.

Saturday April 1 st @ 7:30 AM - Will and Brent
Brent overhears a conversation that leads him to believe that Oscar and Emma are writing their wills and leaving him the couch he loves. And a new police breathalizer has everyone wanting to be pulled over.